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Karter Combi 2-in-1 Motorised Stand

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The new and improved Karter Combi, takes the 2-in-1 wall and mobile motorised stand concept to a whole new stylish level. Originally a classroom-focused marvel, the new Combi design can sit proudly at home in the most design-focused corporate settings. The trending ‘tombstone’ silhouette incorporates the dual texture of black metal and charcoal marled felt whilst boasting lots of new handy features.

The Karter Combi can be easily configured with wheels for mobility or securely wall-mounted, adapting to your needs effortlessly. Adjusting to your preferred height, whether for standing or sitting, work or teaching, is a breeze with its generous 500mm stroke, accommodating students of all ages and teachers of various heights.

With durable wheels for smooth mobility over doorways and playgrounds, tidy cable management, an adjustable mini PC mounting option, and a wired remote control for easy height adjustments, the Combi delivers unparalleled accessibility. It also features a stylish acoustic felt pocket for storing essential items, making it suitable for versatile applications beyond the classroom, accommodating screens up to 98 inches with quick and hassle-free assembly. 

Other features include super-silent dual-actuators, adjustable PC bracket, adjustable wall-tether brackets, wired control panel, built-in USB control via stand app (available with compatible touchscreens), cable management ties and all parts included for either wall or mobile assembly.