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Karter Signature Rooms

Meeting inclusivity harnessing

Microsoft Teams Front Row


Beautiful Meeting Spaces

What is a Karter Signature Room?

A Karter "Signature Room" is a meticulously designed
and specialised space within an organisation, aimed at delivering exceptional
experiences during vital meetings, presentations, or events. The term
"Signature" implies distinctiveness, setting these rooms apart from
standard meeting areas.

Key characteristics include cutting-edge technology including
advanced audiovisual equipment, spacious layouts accommodating larger groups,
ergonomic seating for comfort and flexible configurations tailored to specific
meeting needs. Typically located in prime areas, these rooms are reserved for
crucial gatherings where impressiveness and productivity are paramount.

The Karter team of passionate designers
share a deep appreciation for interiors and exceptional design, and we have
brought this passion to life through our innovative creations. Karter was born
out of a sincere desire to enhance the aesthetics of technology and large
displays, ensuring they seamlessly blend with modern interiors.

Signature Table

The Karter Signature Table is an original design to enhance the Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms Front Row feature. It allows maximum visibility and inclusivity for all participants.

Huddle Chair

Designed to pair perfectly with the Signature Table the Huddle Chair is an ideal slimline, designer meeting room seating solution

How to achieve the
Karter Signature Room aesthetic

The Karter Moodboard is your guide to crafting the layered
meeting room that reflects timeless sophistication.

Let it inspire your creativity and transform your space into a haven of elegance and adaptability.

Karter Collaborations

Where Elegance Meets Technology

In addition to aesthetic design, a Karter Signature Room should also incorporate advanced audiovisual equipment, including high-quality displays, video conferencing systems, and sound systems to facilitate effective communication and presentations for in-person and remote participants. At Karter we understand the importance of collaborations and full room solutions

Here are some of our top recommendations:

Side-of-House Collaboration

Today’s agile meeting trends are to annotate, whiteboard and brainstorm on the fly. By incorporating a mobile stand, such as the Karter Synergy Mobile Stand, and an interactive display, such as the CommBox Classic S4, creativity and collaboration are always close by, particularly if the main large display is non-touch

21:9 Format Interactive Displays

For the ultimate flexible collaboration a large interactive display, such as the CommBox Horizon 105 allows you to harness the power of Microsoft Teams Front
Row layout. This allows for plenty of real-estate for presentations, remote participants, chat and even whiteboarding

LED Boards

When only the best will do - for the most impressive Signature Room in the building, particularly when access is limited. The CommBox 21:9 LED is a super-bright LED display enabling clear image of participants and content

Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms

Improves the hybrid meeting experience for all attendees, no matter where they are
meeting from

Dual Display Set-ups

By incorporating two (or more) displays it allows for one display to be used for the presentation and the other for either displaying remote participants or a whiteboarding session. Try the Karter Urban Wall Mount with the Karter Urban Dual Display Bracket which makes install easy and has the added feature of motorised height-adjustability.

MTR Video Conference Solution

There are many all-in-one solutions available that incorporate video and audio and clever Ai f raming. We like the Jabra Panacast 50, and Lenovo ThinkSmart Core paired with a Touch Pad, which are ideal to bring your Signature Room together. Its wide-angle camera works perfectly with the Karter Signature Table, so all in-person attendees are perfectly framed