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Meet the Team

Meet our Founder – Therese Hall

Therese Hall has been designing products for over 25 years. She is deeply passionate about creating innovative and beautiful workspaces that inspire people to want to come to work. The CommBox Collection is the first workspace accessories collection designed by Therese and simply builds on the extensive range of AV furniture that Therese has designed during her career. Therese wants you to walk up to your desk and feel organised and ready to be your productive best. Adding simple touches like a felt mat and plant to an AV stand turns the space you want to work in.



Meet our Chief Designer - Ian Pettener

 Ian Pettener Designer at Karter

  Introducing Ian Pettener, a versatile and talented product designer who possesses a deep understanding of the significance of thoughtful design, particularly when it comes to mounting large, highly technical displays. Ian's expertise lies in creating products that excel in ease of assembly, accommodating multiple sizes, and efficient cable management. His most remarkable creation, the Synergy Mobile Stand, pushes the boundaries of design to offer one of the most exceptional and versatile mobile stands available today. Ian's passion for innovation and attention to detail shines through in every aspect of his work, delivering cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend form and function.