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Dash Mobile Stand

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The Karter Dash Mobile Stand is a lightweight yet sturdy, affordable all-in-one mobile stand with a handy shelf and built-in camera mount located at the top of your screen, the perfect solution for video conferencing or mobile digital signage.

It’s perfect for showrooms, retail spaces, health care, or an office environment. You can turn any space into a signage or video conferencing space in minutes.

The Dash is height adjustable for an optimal viewing position, and has a free-tilting design with easy forward or backward adjustment for better viewing and reduced glare. The Dash also comes with a height adjustable camera shelf and equipment shelf for storing accessories and devices. Smart internal cable management keeps installs neat and tidy.

Connect with remote employees, patients, customers, students, and staff, in a cost-effective way without having to spend hours installing equipment for this purpose.
Setup is quick and simple, it’s easy to use and perfect for any display or interactive screen up to 65”.