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Introducing the Karter Signature Room within the  CommBox Experience Centre

Introducing the Karter Signature Room within the CommBox Experience Centre

A new meeting space that showcases the best of Karter's design and technology


We are excited to announce the opening of a stunning new meeting space at the CommBox Experience Centre in Warriewood - the Karter Signature Room. The Karter Signature Room is designed to offer a premium and immersive meeting experience that reflects Karter's brand and personality, as well,  CommBox's cutting-edge technology.

The Karter Signature Room incorporates all the elements that make a 'Signature Room’. These are:

  • Personality - a Signature Room must represent the company brand and personality, which for Karter always follows the Karter moodboard design aesthetic: monochrome, timber, texture and greenery.
  • Technology - the room features the CommBox Horizon 105 21:9 touchscreen, a Jabra Panacast 50, a Logitech Tap controller and Microsoft Signature Front Row layout. These devices enable seamless collaboration and communication across different platforms and locations.
  • Inclusion - the Karter Signature Table enables all meeting participants, remote or in person, to be seen and heard equally, compared to the traditional rectangular table arrangement. The room also includes the new Signature Bar Table, which allows for 'grandstanding' from different heights and angles.
  • Acoustics - being a glass and concrete space, the room has been carefully treated with acoustic materials, including curtains, rug, acoustic ceiling tile and custom acoustic wall boxes. These elements reduce noise and echo, and enhance the sound quality of the meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Karter Signature Room and showing you the difference that Karter and CommBox can make for your meetings.